Monday, October 12, 2009

IIT JEE Physics Final Revision Set 27

1. A spherical ball of radius R, is floating in a liquid with half of its volume submerged in the liquid. Now the ball is displaced vertically by small distance inside the liquid. Find the frequency of oscillation of ball.
A point object is moving with velocity 0.01 m/s on principal axis towards a convex lens of focal length 0.3m. When object is at a distance of 0.4 m from the lens, find

2. rate of change of position of the image, and
3. rate of change of lateral magnification of image.

4. A cubical block is floating inside a bath. The temperature of system
is increased by small temperature ΔT. It was found that the depth
of submerged portion of cube does not change. Find the relation
between coefficient of linear expansion (α) of the cube and volume
expansion of liquid (γ).

5. In a Young’s double slit experiment light consisting of two wavelengths λ1 = 500 nm and λ2 = 700 nm is incident normally on the slits. Find the distance from the central maxima where the maximas due to two wavelengths coincide for the first time after central maxima. (Given D/d = 1000) where D is the distance between the slits and the screen and d is the separation between the slits.

Source: 2004 Mains

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