Sunday, October 11, 2009

IIT JEE Physics Final Revision Set 16

1. Match items in column 1 with items in column 2
Column 1
(A) Nuclear fusion
B) Nuclear fission
(C) β-decay
(D) Exothermic nuclear reaction

Column 2

(P) Converts some matter into energy

(Q) Generally possible for nuclei with low atomic number

(R) Generally possible for nuclei with higher atomic number

(S) Essentially proceeds by weak nuclear forces

2. A simple telescope used to view distant objects has eyepiece and objective lens of focal lengths fe and f0,
respectively. Then: match items in column 1 with column 2

Column 1

(A) Intensity of light received by lens
(B) Angular magnification
(C) Length of telescope
(D) Sharpness of image

Column 2

(P) Radius of aperture (R)

(Q) Dispersion of lens

(R) focal length f0, fe
(D) Sharpness of image

3. Match colmns 1 and 2
(A) Dielectric ring uniformly charged
(B) Dielectric ring uniformly charged rotating
with angular velocity ω
(C) Constant current in ring i0.
(D) i = i0cos ωt

Column 2

(P) Time independent electrostatic field out of system
(Q) Magnetic field
(R) Induced electric field
(S) Magnetic moment

Source: 2006 JEE

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